Would you like a complimentary website review ?


Don’t tell everyone about this.

I’ve picked you along with a handful of other practice owners, because you seem quite engaged with my content and what I have to say.

And I’d like to make an offer to you. No catches, no tricks, promise.

It’s an opportunity to have a complimentary website review with my trusted colleague Ben Smith. You can meet Ben in my video interview, above.

Websites are so important to every practice. They form the cornerstone of your digital marketing presence.

I’ve worked with Ben for years – he knows as much as I do about marketing a practice. And in just 30 minutes he’ll be able to tell you how to make a big difference to your website. Which will make a dramatic difference to your marketing.

It’s important you know we don’t build websites or offer any kind of digital marketing services

I’m making that clear because I don’t want you thinking we’re going to try to sell you a new website. I promised no tricks!

We don’t do any digital marketing services, at all.

Why do this then and give up 30 minutes of Ben’s valuable time?

It’s simply a good chance for us to talk, and move our relationship on. Maybe at some point you’ll discuss our Practice Mastermind. Maybe you won’t. Genuinely doesn’t make a difference to us either way.

Book your complimentary website review with Ben now

You’ll need to put aside 30 minutes . And it’ll be a video call so you can both look at your website at the same time.

Ben will be in touch with the technical details once your review has been booked (don’t worry, it’s easy).

Pick the date that best suits you below, and follow the booking process.