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[Video] The vet who closed his doors to new clients

Paul Green Content, marketing and sales

Wouldn’t it be amazing for your practice to be “full”?

That is, you’ve closed your doors to new clients because you’re at capacity. Not because of bloody recruitment issues (again ????), but because your marketing for new clients is so good you’ve had a massive influx of new clients.

I’m working with a practice that has just done that – shut its doors to new clients. They’re full.

Yet every day they’re developing a relationship with 3,000 prospects. So any time they need more new clients they just ask… and the new clients literally compete to join the practice.

In 7+ years working with vets on their marketing, I’ve never quite seen anything like it.

Can you imagine how easy it would make growing your practice with this kind of systemised marketing?

By the way, this marketing strategy costs very little in cash; ties up approximately 60 minutes a day of one vet or competent nurse’s time; and is utterly controllable.

I want to show you exactly what this practice owner is doing, and how you can copy this systemised marketing strategy in your practice.

I’m revealing all at my new one day vets marketing seminar called the Ultimate Marketing System – 100% brand new content for 2019.

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