Recruitment problems are actually marketing problems

Video 3 of 4: Recruitment problems are actually marketing problems

Paul Green Content, staff

In the near future, clever technology will let us run the entire business just by ourselves.

All we’ll have to do is get ourselves cloned. Produce 20 or 30 copies, say. And then we can do EVERYTHING in the business ourselves.

That’ll be amazing!

Because we all know that very few people can:

  • Do what you do
  • To the level of quality you do it
  • In the short amount of time it takes you to do it

So until this amazing cloning service comes along, we need staff.

Loads of staff problems were mentioned in my survey last week. One of the biggest being recruitment. Getting and keeping good vets is a problem for some.

I believe that recruitment problems are actually marketing problems. And I discuss the solution in today’s video.

Sorry for the wind noise 🙄You can still hear what I’m saying 

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