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For vets: The faster you can implement, the greater your chances of victory

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I wrote a post on the Vets Marketing Facebook group earlier this week about speed. Here’s a screenshot:

It was inspired by my colleague Gordon Stewart of, a health plan provider.

He attended one of my Practice Mastermind meetings last month, to meet some of the practice owners and see what issues they have.

As you can imagine, the words recruitment and headache were said a lot.

Gordon went away with an idea floating around in his head… and this week launched

It’s a clever site that aggregates veterinary jobs from across a number of different sites, which should make it the one place all job hunters will go.

And independent practices can post jobs for free.

What I like about Gordon is the speed at which he implements.

We all have good ideas. REALLY good ideas. And often our natural inclination is to sit on them. We figure we’ll get around to them at some point (and are often shocked how long it takes us to do that).

Gordon has an idea. Gets it implemented (in the spirit of “good enough” and never perfect). And gets it to market. For that reason he can FAIL faster.

If it turns out the idea is duff, he can find out quickly and move on to the next idea. Of which there are plenty, because the old ideas aren’t stuck in his head; they’ve been given life, creating space for new ideas to be fleshed out.

What’s the lesson from this? Well, what’s something you’ve been meaning to try in your practice, but you haven’t? What’s a marketing initiative that’s waiting to have life breathed into?

Implement fast -> fail fast -> adapt and try again.

PS Gordon and I will both be at London Vet Show, on the TrustVet stand D30

PPS Here’s a post from Gordon about why he launched

Bottom line up front:

I’m launching a FREE job board for independent UK vets just like you… and I need your help! Please like and share VetJobs and send your open roles to

Hi Everyone,

In late 2017 TrustVet launched to help independent Irish vets find candidates, and match jobseekers with their perfect jobs. Over the course of a year we’ve built it to the #1 veterinary recruitment site in Ireland… and the best part – it’s free for vets!

Paul very kindly invited me to attend his Practice Mastermind course in Milton Keynes (it’s great, you should try it!). I was struck by how difficult it was for the vets around the table to find staff and how expensive it was for them to even advertise roles. I spoke to one vet who’d spend £5k to advertise a role with no response… not a single interview!

As soon as I got back to Ireland I got to work and I’m delighted to announce that we’ll be launching as a FREE UK job board this week 

I need your help to launch it and make it the #1 vet job site in the UK! In return I’ll guarantee that you’ll have access to *free job advertising forever*!

So how can you help to launch it? Three easy steps:

1. LIKE and share our new Facebook page (it’s lonely over there at the moment!) 

2. Please POST your open roles directly at or email them to me at and I’ll post them for you.

3. SHARE the site with your veterinary friends and in any veterinary groups that you’re a part of… they’ve nothing to lose by giving it a try!

What’s in it for me? I’ll hopefully cover it’s running costs through upgrades, agency and corporate advertising, and more importantly I’ll use it to promote TrustVet, our online pet health plan software.

I’m really excited about the new site and I’m confident that between us we can make it a roaring success!

Thanks for reading. Please do take a few minutes today or tomorrow to do steps 1-3 above – I’d really appreciate it.

If you’re at the London Vet Show later in the week please drop by the TrustVet stand D30 and say hello!