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The step back

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My new friend’s business was crazy busy. Yet he had plenty of time and freedom to drink beer with me in the middle of the afternoon.

He’s one of the school dads I’ve said hello to for years but never got round to actually talking to. Once we started a discussion at a school event a few weeks ago, we were both hooked.

Fellow business owners love swapping tales, right?

His story was like your story: Worked hard at school -> went to university -> qualified -> worked for someone else -> set up his own business.

Then he did the obligatory decade or so as a busy technician (re-read The E-Myth Revisited for a reminder of the 3 types of business owner; the technician, the manager and the entrepreneur).

And then – like so many business owners – he fell out of love with the work, and by default the business.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. He then worked very hard to spend more of his personal time working ON the business, rather than IN the business.

It wasn’t easy. The staff pushed back. So did the clients.

But as he switched his focus, something remarkable (and actually predictable) started to happen. The business started growing faster. And so did the net profits.

And more importantly, he started loving the business again.

This is a happy connected circle with nothing but benefits for everyone.

I call this the step back.

It’s very important you don’t read that as the step backwards.

It’s exactly the opposite of backwards. It’s the only way to move your practice forwards.

There’s nothing wrong with working IN the business all the time. It’s our business owners’ apprenticeship, in a way.

But there does come a point in your practice’s lifecycle where you must shift from being the operator to being the owner.

The step back.

It’s not easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

But the benefits in terms of cash, time and enjoyment of life make it very much worthwhile doing.

Can I help? My small group of practice owners that meet monthly is designed to help you achieve exactly this sort of change.