A cat that thinks it's a lion

Practices grow to the size of the thinking of the owner

Paul Green Content, practice owner's mindset

You know the single biggest limiting factor in your practice?

Look in the mirror and you’ll see it. It’s you.

No surprise there, really. I’ve been saying for years that the practice owner is both the greatest asset, and the worst liability in the business.

Here is a fact that you cannot disagree with: Your practice is what it is today because of the size of your thinking to date.

This Practice Mastermind I’ve created is about changing your life by changing your business. And that starts with changing what’s happening in your noggin.

Let me tell you an interesting story. About 15 years ago, I ran a half marathon. Considering I was a 20 a day smoker at the time and didn’t do any training, it’s kind of surprising that I completed it.

But I did. Go me!

(my reward was a B&H and a Big Mac. Ah, life in your 20s…)

Before the race, my biggest concern was completing it. Because I’d never run 13 miles before, it seemed like a big task.

One year later I entered the same half marathon again, and my mindset was different. This time, I was focused on beating my time (to prove to myself that all the time in the gym was paying off).

It almost didn’t occur to me that I wouldn’t complete the event. Because I’d already done that.

I’d achieved something and changed my thinking to the new reality.

Same when I quit my corporate media job to start my first business. Back then, my thinking was limited by “must replace my salary”. Generating a few grand a month was my goal and limit.

Fast forward several years, and the business was knocking out £80k+ a month. That became the new reality and the new benchmark. As the turnover grew, so did my expectations of what I could achieve.

Same for selling a business. Now I’ve done it once, I can see that I will do it again in the future (not this Practice Mastermind business. I will never sell this as I’m doing this for fun and income, in that order).

It’s not easy, but once you’ve done it, you are at a new base level of achievement.

Here’s the tricky part. Changing your thinking BEFORE you’ve achieved something

That’s where I can help you.

My job is to stretch you. To challenge your thinking. To show you a different way.

And to surround you with other practice owners who will inspire you to think and act differently. Because they are living proof that you can do things differently.

Let me surround you with practice owners who have:

  • Broken through the turnover barrier you’re stuck at
  • Grown their net profits while maintaining greater control on how the practice operates
  • Sorted out their work/life balance in a permanent way. Which has allowed them to enjoy the business again

We’re accepting applications for the Practice Mastermind.

You can see the full details here. And the next step is to book a 15 minute phone conversation with my colleague Ben Smith to see if it’s right for you.