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  •  Expert Advice from Paul Green, veterinary marketing expert
  • Discover how to increase your health plan sign up and conversion rate. And DOUBLE the revenue you generate per animal
  • In-depth report about PCQ. Arguably one of the greatest profit generation weapons in your toolkit

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Paul Green  

Author and veterinary marketing expert  

You may remember Paul as the owner of Vets Practice Growth UK.  

He and his team worked with hundreds of independent vets, opticians and dentists to help them grow their practices.  

They did mentoring, had a 'done for you' team and put on wildly popular implementation days.  

Paul now works exclusively with only 13 practice owners - it's called Practice Mastermind. 

Why are we giving this away?  

The PCQ is regularly discussed at the Practice Mastermind groups.  

For this reason, Paul wanted to share with you how to successfully implement this very powerful tool.  

It's also a great way to learn more about Paul and how he can help you grow your business.  

Maybe you'll go on to do some work together in the future. Maybe you won't. Either way, there's no obligation

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