Mastermind Insider: £66,000 of extra net profit

Paul Green Content, Vets Mastermind

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Every month I sit down with 13 non-competing veterinary practice owners. And we work brilliantly together to make each of their businesses better.

Better = more net profit and more holidays

The Mastermind Insider videos are a summary of the best ideas and biggest wins from the meeting. So you can apply them to your practice.

From May’s Practice Mastermind meeting:

  • Practice owner A is struggling to recruit good nurses (who isn’t). So is going to arrange CPD evenings for all local nurses, working for any practice
  • Practice owner B has so little capacity for new clients now, that they are getting prospects to complete an application form and be interviewed over the phone by a virtual assistant before they are accepted as clients. This is to ensure they are insured, will join the health plan, and have a high level of compliance
  • Practice owner C is looking for a new receptionist. And is now going to hire someone with a hospitality background (as they’ll have many of the qualities you need… for can handle high levels of hassle and complicated situations with a smile). Throw in a test that they genuinely love animals and it’s a potential winner
  • Practice owner D is locked in a prison of his own design (his practice). He’s now got a plan to find the key and unlock the door
  • Practice owner E is adding £3 to each consult (from £36 to £39). Multiplied by 80 consults a week, that’s £12,000 of extra net profit. And then if they add £10 onto every procedure… and charge an injection fee of £3 – multiplied by 1,500 injections a month… there’s easily £66,000 of extra net profit dropping to the bottom line

Click here for the full details of the Vets Mastermind