19% response to client promotion

Mastermind Insider: 19% response rate to client promotion

Paul Green Content, Vets Mastermind

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Every month I sit down with 13 non-competing veterinary practice owners. And we work brilliantly together to make each of their businesses better.

Better = more net profit and more holidays

The Mastermind Insider videos are a summary of the best ideas and biggest wins from the meeting. So you can apply them to your practice.

From August’s Vets Mastermind meeting:

  • Practice owner A got a 19% response to a letter promoting alternative therapies to animals on arthritis meds
  • The same practice owner got a 4% response to a senior cat promotion, and can now repeat that several times throughout the year
  • Practice owner B now has 1,478 people in his “Ask a TOWN Vet” Facebook group. And now can start to monetise the group (turn some of the members into new clients)
  • Practice owner C has changed their nurse recruitment strategy to put lots more trainees into the business
  • Practice owner D recruited two new vets by leveraging their existing staff’s networks
  • Practice owner E has just installed a VOIP system, and will be using on hold messages to sell lap spays and push the health plan
  • Practice owner F is building a new operating theatre. An analysis of the figures shows one extra operation per week pays for it
  • Practice owner G is switching health plans to TrustVet (I have an interest in TrustVet)

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