Claim your FREE private 121 marketing consultation with a practice growth expert

Hello, it’s Paul Green here from Practice Mastermind.

Question: What are the biggest marketing and growth challenges in your practice right now?

  • Perhaps you’re looking for a more efficient way to get new clients?
  • Or you want to make sure you’re maximising Instagram and Facebook?
  • Or maybe you need to tighten up reminders so you stop losing money on lapsed clients?

In which case, here’s a time limited offer you’re going to love.

In April 2019 my business partner Ben Smith is hitting the road to perform a limited series of FREE 121 marketing consultations.

Ben knows as much about marketing and growing a practice as I do. We’ve worked together for years helping hundreds of practice owners.

He’ll meet with a series of practice owners, 121, in the venues shown below, to discuss their practice. And give a ton of free advice and guidance.

This is totally different to any of the events I’ve told you about before. For a start, it’s just you (and any of your partners or colleagues) talking to Ben. You’ll be talking privately and confidentially about your business, for just 60 minutes.

Bring any marketing or growth challenge. And we’ll give you new ideas – plus examples of what other practice owners have done

Let Ben help you step back from your business, see what the problems are, and discuss what the opportunities are to fix them.

You can challenge him on any problem that’s slowing the growth of your business, including:

  • Getting new clients
  • Improving your retention (especially in the face of an aggressive corporate competitor)
  • Ethical ways to get clients to happily spend more with you
  • Getting staff to do what you want, in the way you want it done
  • Getting your website to perform better

But the one rule is that you must be the practice owner, not a manager or member of staff. That’s because we will be talking about tactics and strategies that require complete control of the business.

Why would we give away Ben’s time and expertise for free?

Because I know there is immense value in us meeting to discuss growing your practice. We make our money running a Practice Mastermind, capped at 13 people.

Meeting Ben in this way places no obligation on you whatsoever, but will educate you about how to overcome your challenges and make the most of your many opportunities.

Maybe in the future there’ll be a vacancy in the Practice Mastermind that you’d be interested to look at?

But it’s important you know that by having this marketing consultation, there is absolutely no obligation to see us again. And no obligation to buy anything, ever.

Book your complimentary consultation below. He’s available from 7am to 7pm each day.

Wednesday 3rd April: Nottingham

Jurys Inn, Station Street, Nottingham NG2 3BJ

Tuesday 9th April: Birmingham

Crowne Plaza, Central Square, Holliday Street, Birmingham B1 1HH

Thursday 11th April: Watford

Village Hotel, Centennial Park, Centennial Ave, Elstree, Borehamwood WD6 3SB