Designing a better way: Part 2) Marketing & sales

Paul Green Content, marketing and sales

I spent months designing a manifesto for the Practice Mastermind. Because I’ve worked with enough practice owners over the years, to know that there is a better way.

When we work together in the Practice Mastermind, the 16 “rules” of this manifesto will guide everything we do.

In the first part, we looked at the 9 items of the business owner’s mindset, that make up the Mastermind Manifesto.

You can read that article here.

Let me tell you today about the marketing and sales part of the manifesto.

Mastermind Manifesto: Marketing & sales

10. Build a personified picture of what your ideal client looks like, and focus all of your marketing directly on them

11. Look for niches and narrow focuses wherever possible, to minimise effort and maximise results. Relevance increases results

12. Use direct response marketing that educates people, and never brand marketing. Ignore what competitors are doing (“samey”) and aim for standoutability

13. Embrace the complexity of marketing. Test something new every week and fail more. It’s the only route to the profitable idea you otherwise would never have had

14. Study and apply Cialdini to all of your marketing

15. Create and protect proactive sales systems to build relationships and be there at the point people are ready to buy

16. Recurring revenue beats everything

The purpose of the Practice Mastermind is to help your business generate more net profit, to give you the life you deserve.

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