Bootstrap marketing for vets

6 bootstrap marketing ideas for vets

Paul Green Content, marketing and sales

You’ve heard of bootstrapping a business? It’s when a new venture is built up using limited funds and a lot of goodwill. It’s where you get stories of founders sleeping in their office so they don’t have to waste valuable money renting a flat! Your practice is more liquid than that. But there’s still a place for bootstrapping – when …

Tidy up

Tidying up (your practice)

Paul Green Content, practice owner's mindset, staff

Have you seen the big new show on Netflix right now? It’s called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The format is simple. She turns up at people’s houses and, er, helps them tidy up. Yeah, there’s a specific strategy to it and a load of crying and stuff too. But essentially that’s it. It’s quite compelling. And despite the excellent DC …

Form a queue

[Video] The vet who closed his doors to new clients

Paul Green Content, marketing and sales

Wouldn’t it be amazing for your practice to be “full”? That is, you’ve closed your doors to new clients because you’re at capacity. Not because of bloody recruitment issues (again ????), but because your marketing for new clients is so good you’ve had a massive influx of new clients. I’m working with a practice that has just done that – …