Recruitment problems are actually marketing problems

Video 3 of 4: Recruitment problems are actually marketing problems

Paul Green Content, staff

In the near future, clever technology will let us run the entire business just by ourselves. All we’ll have to do is get ourselves cloned. Produce 20 or 30 copies, say. And then we can do EVERYTHING in the business ourselves. That’ll be amazing! Because we all know that very few people can: So until this amazing cloning service comes …

The answer to “more bloody work than hours”

Video 2 of 4: The answer to “more bloody work than hours”

Paul Green Content, practice owner's mindset, work/life balance

In my survey last week I asked this question: What’s the one thing (above all else) that stops you from doubling your net profit in the next 12 months? There were some very insightful answers: “Not enough hours in the day to keep all the plates spinning” “Time, and maybe some motivation” “Feeling overwhelmed with so many things to do and …

Get more clients

Video 1 of 4: Get more clients

Paul Green Content, marketing and sales

Thanks to the 60+ people who responded to my survey last week, asking what educational videos I could film this week. The most common request was about how to get more new clients. So here you go… Questions? Email me personally at

Mastermind Insider: £66,000 of extra net profit

Paul Green Content, Vets Mastermind

Click here for the full details of the Vets Mastermind Every month I sit down with 13 non-competing veterinary practice owners. And we work brilliantly together to make each of their businesses better. Better = more net profit and more holidays The Mastermind Insider videos are a summary of the best ideas and biggest wins from the meeting. So you …

Appraisals: A waste of your life. And theirs

Appraisals: A waste of your life. And theirs

Paul Green Content, staff

If you’re one of the rare business owners or managers who genuinely enjoys doing formal appraisals with your team, then don’t read this article. You will disagree with everything I have to say  For everyone else, here’s a bold claim: Most of us f***ing hate formal appraisals. In fact, isn’t that one of the many reasons we continually put up with the …